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This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move. As was announced here in late January this change is now upon us. What does this mean for the regular pod pilot?

Players should not notice any difference what-so-ever. Well, except that the Starmap now loads up almost 2x faster than before. Code touching or using the EVE Universe data is everywhere, and a lot of that code has been refactored as a part of this move which brings joy to the Universe!

Why are you spending time on this? In the old systems this data was authored directly in the Database and most of the data only existed in the Database. In the new system the data is authored in files in our source control system together with our game code. Most of the data is then inserted again into the Database, when the server is updated. This gives us much more flexibility for changing EVE Universe data.

This also gives us an opportunity to build the data correctly and not rely on authoring data that should be generated. The new SDE can be found here. This table has the same structure as before. The reason for this change is that the radius and importance columns were only used for landmark authoring.

The most important thing to remember is you have plenty of time to change your tools because there is no new data in the universe dump! Home articles dev-blogs. The changes are as follows: dbo. Major changes are: The orbitIndex is now calculated based on the distance from the orbit object instead of being authored by hand. The orbitIndex change will result in name changes for objects that had incorrect orbit indices e.

Test stations will no longer accidentally be added to the SDE : All items have a radius dbo. Major changes are: There might be some changes in the position data x,y, z and max and min but they should be small. There will be changes in the radius data since that data is now calculated from the min and max position values instead of being authored by hand.

Major changes are: The factionIDs are now propagated from the parent There might be some changes in the position data x, y, z and max and min but they should be small. Data is exactly the same.In-game this system is referred to as Clone States. Characters on Alpha accounts are referred to as "Alpha clones", and characters on Omega accounts are referred to as "Omega clones". If you pay for a subscription paid for with time cards, monthly payments, PLEX There is no way to tell an Alpha from an Omega clone in-game.

The conversion from Alpha to Omega is immediate, while the conversion from Omega to Alpha will always happen when you next log into the game. If an Omega clone is downgraded to an Alpha clone because the account's subscription has run outany skills that character has trained which are not part of the Alpha skill set are locked and become inactive, i.

Any items or ships which require the locked skill become inactive and cannot be used, and the skill training queue will be paused but can be resumed by logging into the game. If the account's subscription is renewed, then the character is automatically upgraded back to an Omega clone and can once again use all the skills they have previously trained.

Alpha or Omega status is tied to your game account. If you have multiple accounts, then you can choose to pay for a subscription for some, all or none of them, and each account and the characters on that account will have the corresponding Alpha or Omega state.

eve sde

Alpha clones are welcome to join EVE University. Expand the table below to see which skills you can train as an Alpha, and to what maximum level. For a list of skills you start the game with, see starting skills. While they are well suited for getting introduced to EVE Online, Alpha characters should be seen more as an "indefinite trial" rather than as a "free-to-play" option.

However, their performance will not be on par with Omega characters once the latter has trained the skills to start using Tech 2 modules and ships.

Alpha characters can mine ore or gas in a Venture but not use more advanced mining shipsand can perform basic only Tech 1, no invention manufacturing.

They can salvage wrecks, but they cannot, however, do Planetary Interaction. Alpha characters can tradebut they will pay higher taxes on their transactions and have fewer options at their disposal e. Alphas can have 1 active contract at a time i. Basic hauling is an option for Alpha characters as they have access to Tech 1 industrial ships. Alpha clones can train into any race's ship or weapon skills; they are not limited to training their own race's skills.

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In fact, Alpha clones of all races can train into the same Alpha skill set. However, the Alpha's starting racial skills count toward the free training skill limit while in Alpha clone state. Omega clones may use any skill, ship and item in the game. Additionally, you may log into the game with more than one account at a time multiboxingbut only as long as all the accounts being logged in have Omega status. Jump to: navigationsearch. There are two different ways of playing EVE: You can play for free i.

eve sde

This is referred to as "Alpha". Paying a monthly subscription to play the game, which allows your character to learn every skill in the game. This is referred to as "Omega". Category : Accounts. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read View source View history.Skills and learning Starting skills Basic skills Support skills Fitting skills. Skills in EVE govern the abilities of your character. This is a guide to learning those in-game skills, explaining the mechanics that govern skill training, and making suggestions for training strategies.

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Skills are a significant part of what defines a character and what they can do. If you want to fly a ship, use modules on that ship, mine, trade, and so much more, you'll need to have trained specific skills for that.

Additionally, training skills improves your performance your ships will fly faster, your guns will do more damage, you will pay lower taxes, and so on. Some skills affect multiple areas of the game, but most are specialised. This has two major effects:. Fortunately, skills are cumulative, and once you have invested time skill points into a skill you will never lose them with one exception: if you're flying a Strategic Cruiser and your ship is destroyed, you will lose one skill level in one of the relevant subsystem skills.

This means that you can continuously improve your character's proficiency in one or several areas of the game, depending on your goals. There are around different skills in EVE, and every character can potentially learn every skill provided that they have an Omega clone ; Alpha clone characters are limited in what skills they can train.

It would be easy to get lost, but thankfully skills are divided into groups:. It would not be practical to go into detail describing all these skills on one page; there is therefore a separate page for each section of skills linked above.

Furthermore some of these sections have corresponding Skill Tree Maps. To help new pilots get their heads around the vast array of skills available to them, several sets of recommended skills have been compiled:. To learn a skill unless it's part of your starting skillsa pilot must acquire and inject the relevant skillbook. Pilots who completed the starter missions from the tutorial agents will have already been given some useful skillbooks.

The main way to acquire other new skillbooks is from the market. Pilots can browse the available skillbooks under 'Skills' in the Browse tab, or just search for a particular skill. Currently most skillbooks are sold by NPC corporations for a fixed price. The NPC sell orders can be distinguished in two ways: they have a uniform price, and they have nearly a year's worth of time listed in the 'Expires In' column.

The maximum amount of time a player can put a sell order up for, by contrast, is 90 days. Players also sometimes put up sell orders for NPC seeded skillbooks. If the order is priced below the NPC price, the player is probably selling off books they bought in error; if the order is above the NPC price, the player is probably hoping to trick someone into buying.

Some skillbooks are not directly seeded onto the market. These tend to be more advanced skills, such as Small Autocannon Specializationwhich lets you use T2 small autocannons. Some players trade in these skills by finding them or buying them from LP stores where they have LP and then putting them up on the regular market for a profit. Depending on how hard it is to obtain these skills outside of the market, buying them from players selling them on the regular market can often be the simplest option.

As of February,another option opened for acquiring skillbooks: Any skillbook which is available via an NPC seeded sell order can in stead be purchased and immediately injected via the Character Sheet skill page.

Right-clicking on a skill in a hangar or cargohold, also gives you an 'Inject skill' option. Injecting a skill shunts the skill from the skillbook into the Skills list on your Character Sheet and destroys the skillbookbut doesn't actually start it training -- effectively it stores the skill at 'level 0'.

Eve SDE SQL – Blueprint Details

Injecting is useful if you've bought a skill which you have the intent to train, but don't actually want to start training it right away or have yet to meet the requirements to train: once it's injected, you don't need to worry about keeping the skillbook with you, and there's no risk that you'll lose the skillbook if you fly into dangerous space and lose your ship.

The same is true and useful for jump clones -- you can jump to a clone in hisec or a trade hub, acquire and inject the skill there, and then after the jumpclone waiting period jump back to your main clone somewhere in more dangerous space, where you can train the skill at your leisure.

Note that you can inject a skillbook without knowing all the prerequisites to actually start training the skill.Here you will find detailed stats and descriptions on every item in the game.

More info. Apparel Capsuleers can choose from a variety of exclusive clothing and accessories. Drones Drones are semi-autonomous robotic devices used for military and industrial purposes throughout space. Infantry Gear Specialist equipment for Infantry. Planetary Infrastructure Capsuleers can exploit the planetary resources of New Eden by establishing command centers on the ground and orbital infrastructure in space. Ship Equipment Equipment modules for spaceships, including many types of weapon, electronic, engineering, armor, shield and propulsion systems.

Ship and Module Modifications Rigs and subsystems that alter a starship's attributes in such a way as to make it more effective in its chosen role Mutaplasmids that permanently alter a module's attributes. Ships Capsuleer spaceships of all sizes and roles, including advanced and faction variants of many hull types.

Skills Skills are learned by capsuleer pilots using special data chips known as skillbooks, and these are available for almost any imaginable activity that can be carried out in space. Structure Equipment Modules that provide functionality to Structures. Structure Modifications Rigs that improve functionality in Structures.

Structures Capsuleers have many options when they decide to set up a home in space, from personal deployables to capsuleer-controlled outpost stations. Trade Goods Many unusual goods are traded by capsuleers, including various tags, chips, tokens, charters and tools that are used in special activities or have exchange value with non-capsuleers.This blog is going to do a wrap up of the changes we have made to our API endpoints and the static data export SDEwith the assumption that you are already up to speed with the gameplay changes related to industry.

We have rebuilt the static data export for Crius with the latest numbers ready for your consumption. You can download an early release version here:. However keep in mind these numbers may change up until the release on the 22nd. We will do our best to keep the SDE updated and shared with everyone on the forums. Despite assembly lines themselves being removed, we are still using the existing definitions of what bonuses apply for NPC stations, POS structures and outposts upgrades.

Wherever there is a scenario that multiple assembly line types would apply to the same facility, we pick the best value for cost, material and time independently. We have added new endpoints and repurposed some existing ones. CREST is our new de-facto method of giving access to publicly accessible information.

EVE Online: The Prophecy (Fanfest 2014 Trailer)

There are 6 new resources with industry related information. Also includes an adjusted market price which is used in industry calculations. IndustryFacilityCollection-v1 This returns a list of all publicly accessible facilities, including player built outposts in nullsec. IndustrySystemCollection-v1 Lists the cost index for installing industry jobs per type of activity. This does not include wormhole space. IndustrySpecialityCollection-v1 Lists all specialties that can be associated with teams and what groups those specialties modify.

IndustryTeamCollection-v1 Returns a list of all active teams, excluding the teams in auction. IndustryTeamCollection-v1 Returns a list of all the teams currently up for auction. Determining the install cost for a job is getting a little more complicated with Crius, so let us quickly go over what you will need to calculate it.

That's it for now, if you have any questions or want to share your creations head on over to the EVE Technology Forum or come and chat on Coldfront IRC in the eve-dev channel.

eve sde

New to EVE? Start your day free trial today. Returning pilot? Visit Account Management for the latest offers and promotions. Home articles dev-blogs. Static Data Export We have rebuilt the static data export for Crius with the latest numbers ready for your consumption.As the SDE is commonly used in environments where MS SQL is not available or would be overkill, a number of people maintain conversion routines and copies, to make it available in a more useful format. As more formats were introduced, containing extra data, these routines were expanded to bring the data back into a single format.

As the various methods for conversion result in differing versions, with different layouts of data, conversions will be listed by the primary maintainer. Additionally, users can customize the import by language type and selecting specific SDE yaml files to import or ignore.

Desmont provides a tool to run on Windows, to merge the other data back into the SQL Server SDE, and to convert into a variety of formats, either at full database, or individual tables. This tool converts to a format close to the SDE as it was before CCP changed how it was produced -splitting it sqlserver, yaml and sqlite files- with blueprint information going into ramTypeRequirements.

As such it should be more compatible with some older tools. Historical copies are kept available. The industry data, for example, is in a number of new industryActivity tables. While allowing for greater flexibility, this can break some older tools. This site is open source. Improve this page.These scopes have not served any purpose for a long time now but we see that some applications still request them.

If those applications aren't updated they will break after scopes removal. Removing Datasource Singularity In our efforts to increase ESI production stability, and limit our maintenance overhead, we will be removing Singularity as an available datasource for ESI production.

This action is planned to take effect during downtime tomorrow, 14th of January Join the esi slack channel and become a voice in our community. Get a sneak peek at what's coming to ESI by watching our changelog. New to ESI? Check out our ESI quick reference. Temporary blackout of esi-bookmarks With the coming changes to our bookmark systems, and how internal schedules have lined up, we will be temporarily shutting down esi-bookmarks routes to re-implement them for the new system.

This will result in empty list returns to reduce the impact on third party developers. Third Party Developer Blog Mar. Temporary blackout of ESI-bookmarks Temporary blackout of esi-bookmarks With the coming changes to our bookmark systems, and how internal schedules have lined up, we will be temporarily shutting down esi-bookmarks routes to re-implement them for the new system.

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